Cleantech Finance ( ) has a focus on insights and updates on financing/funding for cleantech and sustainability sectors.

Inputs and updates are categorized based on the type of financing (equity, debt, grant, hybrid), region (Asia, Europe, North/South America, Africa, Middle East) and the cleantech sector (Clean energy such as solar, wind power, energy efficiency, Clean resources such as water, and Clean materials such as bioplastics, organic products etc).

Cleantech Finance has following sections:
  • The Cleantech Detective: Billions of dollars that have gone into sustainability and climate change-related projects have become wasted because the idea was poor, it’s real-world workability was not thought through or it got basics wrong. Cleantech Detective by Clixoo, with our long experience in the cleantech sector, will help investors qualitatively figure out if a project is a poor choice from any dimension.
  • The Cleantech Investment Advisor: Cleantech is a challenging area. The Cleantech Investment Advisor is the first in-depth expert guide that enables investors to avoid poor investment decisions, as well as significantly enhance the likelihood of identifying exceptional cleantech investment opportunities.
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Financial Community Taking the 2C Ceiling Seriously

In a remarkably short period of time – the past year, especially – perceptions of climate-related finance have shifted profoundly. This reorientation is by no means complete; we are yet to reach the trillion dollar investment target set by the IEA. But COP21, creation...

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Minneapolis Provides Grants to Cut Pollution

Three years ago Tyler Avestini became the first recipient of a Minneapolis city grant to buy a piece of equipment to reduce the amount of pollutants emitted by his dry cleaning operation. Since the Green Business Cost Sharing Program began in 2012, the city has...

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Air Pollution Costs India 3% of its GDP

Recently, Minister of State for Health and Family welfare Anupriya Patel, in a written statement to the Parliament, cited the 'India - Diagnostic Assessment of Select Environmental Challenges' report prepared by the World Bank Disaster Management and Climate Change...

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