Asia Climate Partners, a joint venture between the Asian Development Bank, ORIX and Robeco, has invested $20 million in Fluidic Energy. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Fluidic Energy is a provider of intelligent energy storage solutions.

As a joint venture between the Asian Development Bank, ORIX and Robeco, ACP is a mid-market private equity fund dedicated to clean energy, resource efficiency and environment sectors in the Asia-Pacific region. By supporting Fluidic Energy’s expansion of its intelligent and low cost energy storage technology, ACP hopes to expand renewable energy access in Southeast Asia while limiting carbon intensive energy adoption and replacing environmentally damaging diesel gensets.

Fluidic Energy has established a strong presence in Asia, including a regional headquarters and manufacturing facilities. Fluidic has been manufacturing its energy storage systems in Indonesia since 2011 and supplying its systems to both telecom and rural electrification applications. In one of the company’s recent projects, Fluidic deployed more than 22MWh of energy storage to 96 PV and energy storage powered rural electrification projects across the archipelago, providing clean and reliable energy to more than 110,000 people.

By combining the energy and power centric technologies with integrated intelligence, Fluidic uniquely approaches the market with a whole product solution optimized for long duration and harsh environmental settings. A key enabler for Fluidic’s hybrid solutions is its proprietary Zinc-air battery technology, which is optimal for long duration applications due to its unique air-breathing architecture.

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