The Expert Guide that can make a BIG difference to financial investors keen on investing in clean energy and other sustainability solutions.

Cleantech is touted to be one of the biggest investment opportunities for a wide spectrum of investors

At the same time, this sector has presented a number of challenges, resulting in many investments doing poorly, or worse, many companies folding up.

A 2016 MIT study (source) that did a comprehensive analysis of cleantech investments inferred the following about the performance of these investments:

  • Companies developing new materials, processes, or chemicals returned only a sixth of the invested capital.
  • Hardware integration companies performed even more poorly, returning only 5 cents on the dollar.
  • Deployment finance companies, which sought investor capital to construct large projects also performed poorly, returning only a quarter of the invested capital.
  • Other companies that fell into none of the categories above—including energy efficiency consultants and waste processing services—returned only a fifth of the invested capital.
  • The only sector that actually had a good return on the investment was cleantech software companies — these returned about three and a half times the capital VCs invested.

Does the above imply that investments into anything other than the intersection of cleantech and software are bad investments?

Not really. The implication is not that all non-software cleantech investments are bad.

Some of the overall averages do not fully show the granular developments well enough. For instance, some companies in solar and energy efficiency have returned very attractive returns. Similarly, we are aware of a number of cleantech companies that are doing well and having a solid business model for an attractive and sustainable future. These are not exceptions either, though they are in a minority right now.

In addition, given the current thrust given by governments and corporates world over, the future for cleantech investments looks brighter than what it did earlier.

It is hence no surprise that thousands of investors the world over are keen on investing in cleantech so that their investments make a difference to our planet. But they also wish to ensure that their investments have the best chances of being a financial success.

The challenge for the investor is, at least for the next few years, two-fold:

  • Ensure they do not invest in poor opportunities camouflaged as attractive ones
  • Identify really exceptional opportunities and invest in them

The Cleantech Investment Advisor is the first in-depth expert guide that enables investors to avoid poor investment decisions, as well as significantly enhance the likelihood of identifying exceptional cleantech investment opportunities.

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Who Will Benefit from this Advisor?

Financial investors keen on investing in any of the cleantech domains will benefit significantly from using the Advisor. These include:

  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Banks & other Financial Institutions
  • Government & Multilateral Financing Agencies
  • High Net Worth Individuals


What Benefits Will You Get from Using the Advisor?

While analyzing the dozens of cleantech opportunities to invest in, most investors face the challenge of needing to understand all of the following:

Sector Characteristics + Drivers & Challenges + Technology + Target Market + Business Model

What the above dimensions imply is that it is quite possible for success to happen in a challenging field such as Waste Management, and equally possible for failure to happen in a field considered relatively less risky and more attractive – say, organic food.

Most investors understand finance. They also have an excellent understanding of the main market drivers for investments in cleantech projects. The Advisor hence does not lay much emphasis on these two aspects.

Few investors however have good knowledge of the sectoral characteristics and the technology/solution being proposed. And this gap is what results in most of the poor investments.

The Cleantech Investment Advisor hence has a special focus on these two dimensions – Sectoral Characteristics and Technologies.

What the Cleantech Investment Advisor Provides?

The Advisor has been developed using the following:

The Advisor reviews all cleantech investments in the past 10 years, and using these and its own work in the cleantech sector during the last 10 years, provides an effective analytics framework and recommendations that investors can use while evaluating investments:

  • Extensive analyses all cleantech investments worldwide in the past 10 years
  • Reviews of similar analyses carried out – these are also sometimes analyses in specific sectoral or country/regional contexts
  • Using the hands-on wisdom we have gained in the cleantech sector during the last 10 years
  • Using effective investment analytics frameworks



The key questions answered by the Cleantech Investment Advisor are:

  • What are the important reasons why the current cleantech investment opportunities are superior to the earlier ones, most of which bombed?
  • What combination of factors should I evaluate a company/opportunity on?
  • What are the important characteristics that successful cleantech companies have had in common?
  • What are the important characteristics that big failures have had in common?
  • How do I figure out how much a particular driver could change in its characteristics over the next few years?
  • What are the biggest hypes I should be wary of?
  • Who are the silent performers that few know or talk about?
  • Who/which are the investors who have made good returns on cleantech opportunities, and details of their portfolios?
  • Is there a long list of attractive cleantech opportunities I can use as a starting point?
  • Are there any customized investment analyses frameworks I can use to specifically evaluate cleantech opportunities?



  • Analyses Templates – Templates are provided for analyses, based on
    • Sectors
    • Business Models
    • Market Segment / End Use Segment
    • Success Drivers
    • Challenges & Constraints


  • Case Studies
    • Case Studies of Both Successes & Failures, from Across the Entire Cleantech Spectrum
  • Inferences & Recommendations Based on the Case Studies


  • Red Flags – The Advisor points out critical Red Flags that investors should watch out for. These are provided for
    • Sectors
    • Technologies
    • Business Models
    • Type of Promoter
    • Market Segment
    • Success Drivers


  • Based on our analyses using the frameworks, a diverse list of cleantech opportunities that have the potential to be attractive investment opportunities.
    • These are not specific companies, but specific opportunities.
    • These opportunities are provided for specific sectors and specific technologies.
    • Recommendations are provided on specific sectors and sub-sectors that have significant potential for success.
    • Recommendations are also provided for specific market segments that are ripe for cleantech solutions, and the types of cleantech solutions that could be attractive to these.



  • Based on Extensive Consulting Experience in Cleantech – Written by a team that has consulted across cleantech domains, at a hands on level, and for a diverse set of stakeholders –small businesses, very large multinationals, multilateral funding agencies and of course banks, PEs and VCs
  • Not Just Data, but Also Frameworks – The Advisor comprises not just data, insights and recommendations, but includes effective analyses frameworks that an investor can use for customized analyses of cleantech opportunities
  • Special Focus on Red Flags – Our experience in this sector has shown how avoiding bad investments is actually more important than making good investments. We thus have a special emphasis on identifying red flags and providing insights/templates using which the investors can identify these red flags on their own.

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The Advisor is the first to analyze a comprehensive list of cleantech sectors.

Solar Energy

    • Solar Power
      • Solar PV Based Power Generation
        • CPV
      • Solar Thermal Based Power Generation (CSP)
    • Solar Thermal
      • Low-Temperature Solar Thermal (Solar Water Heating et al)
      • Medium Temperature Solar Thermal (Commercial Heating)
      • High-Temperature Solar Thermal (Commercial & Industrial Heating)
  • Wind Power
    • Small & Rooftop Wind Power Plants
    • Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
    • Offshore Wind Power
  • Biomass Energy
    • Biomass to Heat
    • Biomass to Power
    • Biofuels
      • Biodiesel
      • Ethanol
  • Geothermal Energy
    • Geothermal Heating
    • Geothermal Power
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Building Energy Efficiency
      • Energy Efficiency in HVAC
      • Energy Efficiency in Lighting
    • Commercial Energy Efficiency
      • Energy Efficient HVAC
    • Industrial Energy Efficiency
      • Energy Efficient Industrial Equipment
      • Combined Heat & Power
      • Waste Heat Recovery
    • Smart Grid
  • Energy Storage
    • Batteries
    • Flywheels
    • Fuel Cells
    • Thermal Storage
    • Pumped Hydro
  • Waste Management
    • Industrial Waste Management
    • MSW
    • Sewage Waste Management
    • Agri-Waste Management
    • Hazardous Waste Management
    • eWaste Management
    • Plastic Management
    • Anaerobic Digestion of Waste
    • Recycling
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Organic Farming
    • Organic Products
      • Organic Food
      • Organic Textiles
  • Green Buildings
  • Emissions Control
    • CO2 Capture && Storage
  • Green IT
    • Green Data Center Solutions
  • Hydro Power
    • Small Hydro Power Plants
  • Ocean Energy
      • Tidal Energy
      • Wave Energy
      • Salinity Gradient
      • Ocean Thermal
  • Sustainable Materials
    • Biopolymers & Bioplastics
    • Renewable & Sustainable Chemicals
  • Sustainable Transportation
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Hydrogen Cars
    • Transport Fuel Efficiency
    • Green Shipping
    • Green Aviation

Who is the team behind the Cleantech Investment Advisor?

The Cleantech Investment Advisor was developed by the team at Clixoo, a company that has been analyzing the cleantech domain from consulting, research and solutions perspectives for over a decade.

Clixoo has the following divisions:

  • EAI (Energy Alternatives India) – India’s leading renewable energy and cleantech consulting firm
  • Solar Mango – A leading intelligence resource for the Indian and global solar energy sector
  • Clixoo – a boutique firm operating at the intersection of cleantech and software solutions.

How much does the Cleantech Investment Advisor Cost?

The Advisor costs $5400

Interested in Knowing More about or Purchasing the Cleantech Investment Advisor?

Send a note to Muthukrishnan ( ) with your specific questions about the Cleantech Investment Advisor, and we will send you the responses.